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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is GAV handling COVID19?



There is an age overlap between GAV Beach Club and Mini Hitters. Which should I choose? 


How do I register?



Did my registration go through? I haven’t received anything yet.


Does my player really need an AVP membership?


Should the AVP membership be in my name or my player’s?


What type of athlete should I choose when I join AVP?


Which age group is my player in?


How do I pay?


My player is signing up with her partner. Can you make sure they are together?

My player doesn’t have a partner. Is that okay?


We are going on vacation/have soccer practice/won’t be in the area/etc. so my player will miss some sessions. Is this okay? Can we make them up? Can our fee be prorated? Can I come one of the other nights?


I just heard about this. Can I still sign up?


I changed my mind. Can I have a refund? 


My players has not been to any sessions yet/my player tried it, but did not like it. Can I have a refund? 


Can my son/daughter bring a guest to try it out? 




What should I wear?


What should I bring?


I can’t make it tonight/I am going to be late. Who should I contact?


It says boys/girls practice on the night I am considering. Does this mean they are playing coed? 


Do I need a ball?


How do I get some gear?


What if it rains?


Are tournaments required?


I have never participated in a tournament before and don't know what to do! 


How do I know when they are?


How do I get a partner?


I signed up for a tournament in August, but I only see one other team registered. Will it be canceled?


I heard we get a discount on tournaments. How do I apply it?



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