Beach Series FAQ

2020 Beach Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Update for 2021 coming soon!


Registration Questions

I want to play in a tournament, but registration isn't open. What should I do? 


Is the price per player or per team?


Do I really need an AVP membership to play just this one tournament?


Why can't I find my partner's name when I search? 


I don't have a partner. Do you have anyone interested? Can I show up without a partner and expect to play?


When does registration close?


How much is it to play?


Do you take credit cards?


What do I get for my entry fee?



Registration Changes/Cancellations

Can you change my partner for me?


I registered, but now I can’t play. What should I do?



It might rain. Will we still play? When will you cancel the event? Can you give me some inside information on what you might decide to do? What if I don’t want to play in this weather?


Tournament Day

Do I have to pay to get on the beach? What about parking?


What time is check in? What if I’m late? Can I still play?


What ball do we have to use? Can I get the new ball at the tournament? 




My player profile says DNMP, but I took 3rd. Can you fix this? 


When will you post that photo you took of me and my partner?


I  used to have 213 points, but now I only have 187! What happened to my points? 




What does the star next to the tournament mean? Why does it say this event is a qualifer?



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