GAV  League Player Interview--Don Blair

GAV League Player Interview--Don Blair

Posted by GAV on Apr 22nd 2019

The Miller Lite Leagues in Point Pleasant are back for another year! We have competitive and recreational divisions so everyone can play!

Check out what Don Blair, a long time league player, has to say about the competitive 6s league! 

How long has your team, Pillar 360, been playing the GAV Competitive Coed 6s League? 

  • Since it's inception in 2016!

How did you get started playing volleyball?

  • A friend asked me to fill in for someone who couldn't make a game and later I was asked to join the team. 

How did you decide on Pillar 360 as your team name? 

  • It comes from the anchoring system, Pillar 360. Most of the team participates in a fitness class using the system. 

How do you know all your teammates?

  • I met most of them playing in different volleyball leagues. 

Does your team do anything specific before or after games? 

  • Before every game we usually have some comical texts to see who can make each game.

Who has the best serve on your team? 

  • It's hard to pick who has the best serve, but I like the deceptive serve Glenn has. It's like the ball is attached to a string and when it gets to you it dies. 

Will you be signing up for the Competitive Coed 6s in Point Pleasant again this year?

  • Can't wait to get started to play! It's such a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

If you're interested in entering a team, GAV offers recreational and competitive 6s, 4s, and 2s in Point Pleasant and Bradley Beach. Check out the information under the League tab. Registration ends 5/15!