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The below info was emailed on 6/22 for Tuesday participants and 6/24 for Thursday participants:

  • Tuesdays/Thursdays 5:45-7:45pm - check in prior to 5:45
  • Cliff Ave, Bradley Beach, NJ
  • Bring: Mask, hand sanitizer, water, sunglasses, hat, ball if you have one
  • Parking is free opposite the boardwalk and in the neighborhoods.
  • Text BRADLEY2020 to 84483 to receive weather cancellations
  • Bradley Beach Details
  • Beach Club FAQ - lots of good info here
  • COVID19 Precautions - We appreciate your cooperation with this!
  • We do still have space if you have a friend that wants to register! Send them this email!
  • Only one adult per athlete at check in. Please have other adults wait on the boardwalk to reduce congestion.
  • Please wear masks for check in.
  • Athlete temperature will be taken when you arrive at the ramp. Please spread out while waiting. 
  • Proceed to check in stations. 
  • Get your court assignment and head over! 
  • Parents can return to the boardwalk at this point. You are welcome to watch from the boardwalk. Masks are encouraged if you choose to stay. 
  • Put your water and hand sanitizer away from other athletes. 
  • No water is provided, so please bring enough. 
  • Masks are not required during practice. 
  • Your coach will get you started with warm ups.
  • Have fun! 
  • Email is the best way to contact us: 
  • We only cancel if there is a big threat of thunder/lightning in the area during practice time. We will play in the rain! Assume practice is on unless you hear otherwise.
  • We will send info about tournaments for anyone who wants to try them out!
  • You don't have to contact us if you can't make it. We'll see you next time!




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