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GAV Beach Club - East Brunswick, NJ

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Update 6/20: See newly revised dates and details below. Registration is open!

We are full, but are exploring options to open up another time to use the park. If you have not submitted a payment yet, we have added you to the wait list.  

We have started to contact athletes on the wait list. Please check your mail/junk mail for an email with details.







The below info was sent to all participants on 7/6:


We start THIS WEEK! You are registered for the 6-8pm session, which has a lot of athletes. If you would like to switch, we have extra space in the 4-6pm session which is not as full. Please let me know. 




Please read this entire email so everything goes smoothly for your first day! 




  • Tuesday 7/7, then Thursdays starting 7/9 
  • Bicentennial Park, East Brunswick, NJ
  • Bring: Mask, hand sanitizer, water, sunglasses, hat, ball if you have one
  • The restrooms may not be open.
  • Text EB2020 to 84483 to receive weather cancellations
  • East Brunswick Details
  • Beach Club FAQ - lots of good info here
  • COVID19 Precautions - We appreciate your cooperation with this!
  • We do have space in the 4-6pm session if you have any friends who wanted to register.
  • Please wear masks for check in.
  • Athlete temperature will be taken when you arrive. Please spread out while waiting. 
  • Put your water and hand sanitizer away from other athletes.  
  • Parents can stay or go. If you do decide to stay, masks are encouraged and please stay distanced from other parents and athletes. 
  • No water is provided, so please bring enough. 
  • Masks are not required during practice. 
  • Your coach will get you started with warm ups!
  • Have fun! 
  • Email is the best way to contact us: info@greatamericanvolleyball.com 
  • We only cancel if there is a big threat of thunder/lightning in the area during practice time. We will play in the rain! Assume practice is on unless you hear otherwise.
  • We will send info about tournaments for anyone who wants to try them out!
  • You don't have to contact us if you can't make it. We'll see you next time!


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