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2020 GAV Leagues

Frequently Asked Questions

Update for 2021 coming soon!

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How do I know what level to sign up for?



Do I have to bring a ball?


What happens if it’s raining?


Can I bring my drinks on the beach?


When will we get our tshirts?


I want to play in GAV tournaments on the weekend. Do I get a discount?


I want to play on the weekend, but 2s isn't really my thing. Can I still play? 



How many players can be on my roster?


Do they all really need AVP America memberships?


I am the team captain. How do I submit my roster?


When is my roster due?



When will the schedule be posted?


What is the format?


What if a team is late?


What if a team leaves before the schedule is played through?


I already played the teams in my pool. Can you change the schedule?


What if my team’s record is wrong online?


What if my team can’t make it?


How many teams make playoffs?


Can we still play the last night if we don’t make playoffs?


My team is next in the seeding. If a team can’t make playoffs, can my team fill in?


Doubles Leagues FAQ

Can we sub throughout the night?


Does each player have to sign in?


What if my team can't make it?


How many times does a person have to play to qualify for playoffs?


Can a coed team play in the men’s/women’s league? What about two women playing in the men’s league?


What rules should we use?


Coed 4s/6s FAQ

What happens if my team doesn’t have all its players?


What rules should we use?


Refund Policy

I changed my mind. Can I have a refund? 

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