Point Pleasant Miller Lite League  more details

Point Pleasant Beach is the BEST location to play beach volleyball.  Not only, is a beautiful beach, the Inlet Bar is just steps away!  Enjoy your drinks right at your court!  Check out the drink specials each night!

 Monday Night:  Coed 6s (recreational) + Coed 6s (competitive)

Tuesday Night:  Coed 4s + Coed 2s (Open/AA or A/B)

1 Broadway, Point Pleasant, NJ

(Next to the Inlet Bar)


June 11 - August 24




Bradley Beach Leagues  more details

Tuesday Night:  Men's & Women's 2s (Open/AA or A/B)

Thursday: Coed 2s (Open/AA or A/B) + Coed 4s

Cliff Avenue, Bradley Beach, NJ


June 11 - August 24


What makes the GAV Leagues awesome?  

  • Plenty of time and plenty of space!  

  • Everyone plays from 6:30 until dusk!  

  • Winners of each division receive prizes plus Coed 6s + 4s winners awarded a trip to the Volley America League Nationals in Atlantic City, NJ!

  • Drink specials at the Inlet Bar! You can bring your drinks right to your court!
  • Bradley Beach's location is super convenient! 

  • $20 off a team entry into any GAV tournament (B division ONLY-must pay online and use the discount code)




Additional Information:


Coed 6s- $450 per team up to 10 players 

Coed 4s -$350 per team up to 7 players 

Coed 2s -$250 per team up to 4 players (two main teammates plus one male/one female sub-you may not rotate players throughout the course of a night)

Men's/Women's 2s- $250 per team up to 3 players (two main teammates plus one sub-you may not rotate players throughout the course of a night)

Single Players -  $90 per player (You will be placed on a team needing players or be placed on a team with other single players). You may NOT register as a single player for either of the doubles leagues.  


All fees includes league play, player t-shirt, championship prizes, and end of season party.



  • The pools will be posted online prior to the start of the night.
  • Teams will play the teams in their pool and will take turns reffing.
  • Follow the schedule on the pool sheet. Play through the schedule once. If teams agree, you may play through the schedule again until dark.
  • Leaving before the schedule is played through once will result in forfeits for the team leaving/wins for the opposing team.
  • Mark down all wins/losses/game scores on the pool sheet. Results/standings will be posted online. 
  • Playoffs will be the week of 8/20/18. 


Roster, M/F Ratio and Forfeits:  


  • Coed 6s - There must be a minimum of 2 females and 2 males on the court at all times. 
  • Coed 4s - There must be at least 1 female on the court at all times. 
  • Coed 2s - There must be 1 male and 1 female on the court at all times. You may not field a men's/women's team in this league.
  • Men's/Women's 2s - There must be 2 males OR 2 females on the court at all times. You may not field a coed team for these leagues.
  • Teams without the required M/F ratio may still play their scheduled games, however games will be recorded as forfeits (wins for opposing team/losses for forfeiting team).
  • Rosters need to be completed on the Volley America website by June 30. No players may be added after this date. Players must be on your roster to play in playoffs and to receive any league perks. The team captain is responsible for maintaining the roster. 
  • Players will need a current Volley America membership prior to the team captain registering them. 
  • Email meg@greatamericanvolleyball.com for help with memberships or rosters.







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