Point Pleasant Miller Lite League  more details

Point Pleasant Beach is the BEST location to play beach volleyball.  Not only, is a beautiful beach, the Inlet Bar is just steps away!  Enjoy your drinks right at your court!  Check out the drink specials each night!



Monday Night:  Coed 6's (recreational) + Coed 6's (Competitive)

Tuesday Night:  Coed 4's 

Location: The league will held at Broadway and Boardwalk (next to the Inlet Bar) and will begin promptly at 6:30pm every Monday from June 5th - August 21st.

Ages: 18+

If your team plays 2 nights of Coed 6's or 4's, you get 50% off the second night! Play at either, Point Pleasant or Bradley Beach! (must be the same division for both nights)


Bradley Beach Leagues  more details


Location: Cliff Ave and Boardwalk

Time:  6:30-dark (June 15th - August 24th)


Tuesdays- Coed Doubles (Open/AA OR A/B) 

Thursdays- Men's & Women's Doubles (Open/AA OR A/B) + Coed 4's     







Perks: ALL League players will receive $20 off a team entry into ANY GAV tournament (B division ONLY). You MUST pay online and use the discount code we provide in order to receive the discount. 

The winning teams from Coed 6's Rec, Coed 6's Competitive and Coed 4's will win a trip to the 2017 Volley America League Nationals in Atlantic City! The trip includes hotel & entrance fee! 


What makes the GAV Leagues awesome?  


  • Plenty of time and plenty of space!  

  • Everyone plays from 6:30 until dusk!  

  • Win amazing prizes at the end of season including the top team in each division wins a trip to the 2017 Volley America League Nationals in Atlantic City!

  • Drink specials at the Inlet Bar! You can bring your drinks right to your court!
  • Bradley Beach's location is super convenient! 



Coed 6's- $450 per team up to 10 players 

Coed 4's -$350 per team up to 7 players 

Coed 2's -$250 per team - You are allowed up to 4 players on each team.  2 (one male/one female) will serve as substitutes ONLY.  You may not rotate players during the course of the night. 

Men's & Women's Doubles- $200 per team  You are allowed 3 players on a team.  One will serve as a substitute ONLY.  You may not rotate players in and out during the course of the night.

Single players MUST Register here! -  $90 per player (You will be placed on a team needing players or be placed on a team with other single players). You may NOT register as a single player for either of the doubles leagues.  


All fees includes league play, 1 Spalding Volleyball per team, player t-shirt, championship prizes and end of the season party.


Each night 3 teams are assigned to a court. A schedule will be emailed the night before or Monday afternoon, letting you know what net and who you will be playing. Play games to point total circled on schedule. 1st game winner stays on and plays 3rd team, then game 1 loser plays 3rd team. Continue this order until dark. Whichever team is off, will ref. Teams always play 2 games and sit one. You do not have to finish every game listed on the schedule. At the end of the year when it gets dark earlier most nets will not finish all 9 games in a 3-team pool. Teams may only play each other 3 times per night in games that count towards the standings. If there is still time left teams may play pick up until the sun sets.

M/F Ratio:  

Coed 6's - There must be a minimum of 2 females and 2 males on the court at all times. No female players results in a forfeit. Games can still be played but will be recorded as forfeits in the standings.

Coed 4's - There must be at least 1 female on the court at all times.  No female players results in a forfeit.

Coed 2's - There must be 1 male and 1 female on the court at all times. 

Men's & Women's Doubles - There must be 2 males OR 2 females on the court at all times.  


Volley America Memberships:  Please note that ALL members of the team MUST have Volley America Memberships.  Memberships can be purchased online ONLY.  Team Captains are responsible for their team's memberships and for the registration of the team. 


Registration: All registration must be done through the Volley America site this year.  BEFORE you can register your team, EVERYONE must have a VA membership in order to add them to the roster.  









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