Beach Club FAQ

Please read this entire page so you can be up to date with everything you'll need for a fabulous 2021 Beach Club season! 



There is an age overlap between GAV Beach Club and Mini Hitters. Which should I choose? 
  • Beach Club is for ages 10-18. Mini Hitters is ages 8-11. In general, if your player falls in the overlapping ages and is new to beach volleyball, choose Mini Hitters. If your player has some experience, choose Beach Club. 
Did my registration go through? I haven’t received anything yet.
  • We have over 600 players between all our locations. It takes some time for us to go through all the registrations to make sure everyone is set.
  • All the info you need, including start dates, times, and locations are included on the page for each specific location. 
  • We will send a welcome email a few days before you are scheduled to start.
Does my player really need an AVP membership?
  • Yes! Everyone needs one in order to participate.
  • The AVP site is under construction and is not allowing renewals to change membership tiers. We will contact anyone who needs to renew when this feature is available.
  • It must be valid throughout the length of the season. Your payment will not go through unless it is valid through the end of the season. 
  • When you renew, time will be added on the the end of your membership period. 
Should the AVP membership be in my name or my player’s? Do I need a parent account?
  • Creating a New U18 Account
    1. Create a Basic (free) membership for yourself here
    2. On your profile page, click the dropdown menu with your name on it and select "Create linked account"
    3. Enter your child's information. You will need to use a different email address than the one you used to create your account.
    4. Follow the prompts to complete the membership.
  • Renewing U18 Account
    1. Create a Basic (free) membership for yourself here.  
    2. You will need to use a different email address than the one you used to create your child's account.
    3. Once you have created your account, on your profile page, click the dropdown menu with your name on it and select "Link existing account"
    4. Enter your child's information as it is listed on their account:
    5. Follow the prompts to complete the membership.
    6. The AVP site is under construction and is not allowing renewals to change membership tiers. We will contact anyone who needs to renew when this feature is available.
What type of membership should I choose when I join AVP?
  • A BRONZE AVP membership is required to participate in the Beach Club or Mini Hitters.
  • If you plan to play in any tournaments, a SILVER membership is required instead of BRONZE. 
  • It's NOT possible to upgrade, so you will need to purchase the SILVER in full if you change your mind about a tournament later.
  • Contact if you have questions about your membership level.
  • The AVP site is under construction and is not allowing renewals to change membership tiers. We will contact anyone who needs to renew when this feature is available.
Which age group is my player in?
  • Beach volleyball offers 18U, 16U, 14U and 12U.
  • Find out where your athlete belongs on the AVP America site.

How do I pay?

  • You must be logged into the player's AVP account.
  • It must be active through the end of the season for this to work.
  • Click on the payment form link from your location page. It brings you to a schedule. Find your location/day and follow the links to register.
  • Leave the team name blank and you do not need any additional players
  • The next page is the payment page.  
My player is signing up with her partner. Can you make sure they are together?
My player doesn’t have a partner. Is that okay?
  • Players are grouped by age/skill level based on what you put on the registration form.
  • Each practice is structured so that everyone plays with everyone in their group. No partner is needed because everyone will rotate partners.
  • Please DO NOT put a partner's name during the payment process. It is only an option because the payment form is the same for all AVP events.
We are going on vacation/have soccer practice/won’t be in the area/etc. so my player will miss some sessions. Is this okay? Can we make them up? Can our fee be prorated? Can I come one of the other nights?
  • It’s totally fine if you miss some sessions for your other family plans this summer!
  • We do not offer make up sessions, prorated fees or drop in sessions based on attendance.
  • You cannot attend a different night or location from what you signed up for.
I just heard about this. Can I still sign up?
  • Some locations have space available for late registrations. Email to find out!
  • Rates cannot be prorated based on attendance.
  • Late registrations may not receive a t-shirt.
I changed my mind. Can I have a refund? 
  • Refund requests made 30 days or more prior to the scheduled start date are subject to a 10% processing fee.
  • Refund requests made within 30 days of the start date can not be accommodated. 

My players has not been to any sessions yet.
My player tried it, but did not like it.
Can I have a refund?

  • Refunds cannot be given once the program starts. 
Can my son/daughter bring a guest to try it out? 
  • We do not offer drop in sessions. 
  • If there is space available at your location, your friends are welcome to register first and then come to practice! 


It says boys/girls practice on the night I am considering. Does this mean they are playing coed? 

  • No, boys and girls practice on separate courts. 
  • This just means that we offer practice for both boys and girls on those nights at that location. 

What should I wear?
  • Dress for the weather in something that you can move around in!
  • Shirts that cover the midriff are required for both boys and girls.
  • We recommend hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray as you see fit.
  • Dressing in layers is a good idea for when the sun goes down.
  • You don't need anything on your feet, but you can purchase TuffSox at a discount using your AVP membership. Log into your AVP account for details. 
What should I bring?
  • Your ball, water, and yourself!
  • No water will be provided, so bring enough for the entire night! 
  • Players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer. 
I can’t make it tonight/I am going to be late. Who should I contact?
  • No one. We do not need to know in advance if you will not be there or if you are coming late.  

Do I need a ball?
  • It really helps if you bring one!
  • We recommend the Wilson AVP Game Ball. You can get it online!
How do I get some gear?
  • One tshirt is included. 
  • If you participate in a tournament, you can visit our GAV Store!

What if it rains?
  • A little rain can’t hurt! #youwontmelt
  • Please do not call, email, or message regarding the status of practice. 
  • We will only send a text alert in the event practice is cancelled. Assume it is on unless you hear otherwise!
  • Cancellation decisions will be texted using the text alert system two hours prior to the start of the program.
  • It is always up to the family to choose to go and there is no penalty for missing practices.
  • If needed, a make up session for weather cancellations will be offered the week after practice is over for the season. Check your specific location page for exact details. 

Are tournaments required?
  • Tournaments are optional, but highly suggested!
  • You can sign up for one, two or all of them with the same or different partners.
I have never participated in a tournament before and don't know what to do! 
  • Developmental tournaments will be offered for GAV Beach Club participants. 
  • Coaches will help players navigate the tournament day so they can feel comfortable enough to register for one on their own!
  • Space is limited at each event. 
  • You may only sign up for one developmental event. After that, register for our regular juniors tournaments!
  • Find them on the schedule!
How do I know when the tournaments are?
  • Juniors tournaments are run by Great American Volleyball every Sunday and are listed on this schedule.
How do I get a partner?
  • You are responsible for finding your own partner.
  • Ask the new friends you’re making at practice!
I signed up for a tournament in August, but I only see one other team registered. Will it be canceled?
  • Most players sign up the week before the tournament.
  • Registration closes at 3pm the Friday before the tournament.
I heard we get a discount on tournaments. How do I apply it?
  • All GAV Beach Club players can participate in one GAV Juniors tournament for free.
    • You need to register online with a partner. 
    • Close out of the credit card page and do not submit your card info. 
  • All GAV Juniors tournaments have been discounted to $50/team for 2021! 
  • You will need a SILVER AVP membership to participate in tournaments. Contact if you have questions about your membership level.