Beach Series Pool Sheet Information

This information is what we GENERALLY follow at all GAV Beach Series events. These guidelines are subject to change the day of the event per the tournament director.

If you don't see the answer you're looking for, check out the Beach Series FAQ for more info.

This page will be continuously updated with more info!


  • 1 Time out in a game to 15, 21, 25. 
  • 2 times outs in a game to 28. 
  • No technical time out. 


How to Decide Serve/Side/Receive

  • 4 Way Roll Off (the best way)
  • 2 Way Roll Off
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Shell Game
  • Cowboy Ninja Bear 
  • Odd or Even



  • Game to 15 = 15-8
  • Game to 21 = 21-11
  • Game to 25 = 25-13
  • Game to 28 = 28-15
  • If a forfeit occurs mid-game, the forfeiting team keeps the number of points they have earned.


Rules You Have Questions About

  • Hands do not need to be together on the first ball over. It may be a double as long as it is one motion and you do not control the ball with your fingertips. (FIVB Section 9.2)
  • More Coming Soon!