Highline League FAQ

GAV Leagues at Highline Arena

(Additional information may be added and changes may be made as time goes on and we adjust!)



Do I have to pay in full? Can I use the pay later option?

  • Teams must be paid in full in order to be placed on the schedule. Check the league page on gav.volleyballlife.com for the latest you can register/pay and still be included in the week 1 schedule. 

Do I need my full roster in order to register?

  • Yes. Your roster needs to be filled in at the time of registration. You can update the roster later

Where can I find the waiver I need to sign? 

  • Check your spam/updates folder for an email containing the waiver. 


My team missed Week 1 because I didn’t register/pay on time. Can we have a make up game? 

  • No. There is additional programming using the courts, so we will not have the ability to make up missed games. 

We are traveling for one of the weeks, so can we have a bye?

  • No. We won’t be able to accommodate bye weeks or rescheduled matches because we have additional programming scheduled for the open courts. 
  • You are able to add additional players to your roster or grab subs to cover nights you will be away for. 

I checked out the schedule and it looks like there is an open court during an earlier time slot, so can we move our game? 

  • No. We have additional programming slated for the courts during the open time slots.

Can we have all early games? Can we have all late games? Can I have a specific time slot on a specific day? 

  • We will do our best to accommodate requests, however this is not always possible and is not guaranteed. 
  • Schedule requests need to be sent by Week 2. Once the schedule is posted, no changes will be made.


How many players can I have on my roster?

  • 2s Leagues: 4 players
  • 4s Leagues: 7 players
  • 6s Leagues: 10 players

What happens if my team doesn’t have all its players? Can I field an all women’s or all men’s team in a coed league? 

  • 2s Leagues: 
    • Men’s, women’s and coed teams, including subs, must play in their respective divisions.
  • 4s Leagues: 
    • There must be at least 1 male and 1 female on the court at all times. 
  • 6s Leagues:
    • If you have 6 players, you must have at least 2 females and 2 males.
    • If you have 5 or fewer players, you must have at least 1 female and 1 male.
  • If you do not have enough players to field the minimum requirements, you can still play, but all your games will be recorded as forfeits.
  • At least one rostered player must be present in order for games to count. 

My teammate just bailed. Can I grab someone who is not on my roster to sub? 

  • No problem. 
  • Subs should be of equal or lesser ability than the person they are replacing. #justbecool

Can I have a sub for playoffs? 

  • In order to play in playoffs, that player must be on your roster and have played 2 or more regular season matches during the season. 
  • League directors will take attendance each week. 
  • Subs should be of equal or lesser ability than the person they are replacing. #justbecool


How do I update my roster? 

  • After the league starts, you need to email info@greatamericanvolleyball.com with the change.
  • Roster updates are due no later than the date listed on your specific league information page on gav.volleyballlife.com. 

League Nights

Do I have to bring a ball? 

  • Yes! Please bring a ball for your team to warm up and play with. 

How do I record the score? 

  • The winning team should record the score after each set on gav.volleyballlife.com. 
  • Find your league and then your match for that week. There is a pencil button to enter the score. 

What if I notice the score was entered incorrectly? 

  • We will not change scores after the night is over, so check your scores before you leave Highline Arena for the night. 
  • If you are still in the building and notice a discrepancy, please see the League Director.

What if my team needs to forfeit? 

  • Email info@greatamericanvolleyball.com no later than 5:00pm so we have time to contact the other team.
  • You can also call the front desk at 732-290-0003, however if no one picks up, please email us instead.

What if a team forfeits? 

  • Forfeit scores are recorded as 21-11 and will be entered by the League Director.
  • Your team will be notified via text alert as soon as we find out your opponent is forfeiting.
  • You are able to use the court during your time slot if the opposing team forfeits.

How long is the warm up time? 

  • 5 minutes. Let’s get it going. #justbecool

What if a team is late? 

  • If you cannot field a team 10 minutes after the start time, you forfeit set 1. 
  • If you cannot field a team 20 minutes after the start time, you forfeit set 2. 

I have the last time slot. Can I stay after to play? 

  • Updated info coming soon!

League Play

What is the format?

  • Rally scoring
  • 3 sets to 21 points, win by 2.
  • Play all three sets even if one team wins the first two.
  • Last serve will be called at the end of the time slot. After that last serve, the score should be recorded as is, even if neither team reached 21. In the case of a tie, you should play one additional point. 

How do we keep score? What if we cannot agree on a call? 

  • Keep your own score. Call it out each point to stay on track. 
  • You don’t have refs. Be a good sport. Be honest. Be reasonable. Replay when needed. #justbecool

What rules should we use for 6s? 

  • A block does not count as a touch
  • Open hand receive is okay.
  • Lifts and carries are NOT allowed
  • Touching the net at any time is illegal, unless it is from the outside of the antenna to the pole 
  • All players must rotate. A player can move after serving to a different position, however cannot attack the front row from the back. Use your best judgment about back row attacks since there is no 10’ line.

What rules should we use for 4s? 

  • No open hand tips
  • A block does not count as a touch
  • Open hand receive is okay. 
  • Lifts and carries are NOT allowed
  • Touching the net at any time is illegal, unless it is from the outside of the antenna to the pole 
  • Players must maintain service rotation, but players do not have to rotate position

What rules should we use for 2s? 

  • No open hand tips
  •  A block does count as a touch
  • You can receive with your hands apart, however cannot be controlled with fingertips unless it is clean.
  • Lifts and carries are NOT allowed
  • Touching the net at any time is illegal, unless it is from the outside of the antenna to the pole 


Info coming soon!

Highline Arena

What can I bring on the sand? 

  • Leave your gatorade, chicken fingers, beer, chairs, bags and shoes on the turf. 
  • We know you personally have exceptional control over your body and would never spill something and we know you personally would never drop chicken finger pieces in the sand, but unfortunately not everyone is as amazing as you so we do need to take a hard stance on this in order to keep the sand clean. 
  • #justbecool

Can I change my clothes in the middle of the turf?

  • Please don’t. 
  • Find a bathroom and get changed there. 

Can I bring in my own food and drinks? 

  • No outside food. No outside alcohol. 


Who do I reach out to if I have an issue? 

  • info@greatamericanvolleyball.com
  • Highline Arena Front Desk: 732-290-0003
  • Depending on the issue, if you call the front desk, they may ask you to send an email. 

I have the League Director’s number, so can I just text them about my issue? 

  • No, please email or call through official channels. 

My teammate got a text alert, but I did not! How can I sign up for alerts? 

  • gav.volleyballlife.com
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom and select “SMS Opt In” 
  • Follow the instructions to enter the code and you should be good to go!