League FAQ

Please read this entire page so you can be up to date with everything you'll need for a fabulous 2021 league season! 


 How do I know which level to sign up for?

  • Coed 6s Recreational -
    • Loosely enforced rules
    • Players with limited volleyball experience/training
    • Players have inconsistent passing, setting and hitting abilities
    • Teams that are newer to organized volleyball
  • Coed 6s Competitive -
    • more strictly enforced rules than rec level
    • Intermediate players with some previous formal volleyball experience/training
    • Players can pass, set and hit fairly consistently
    • Teams that have participated in organized volleyball
  • Coed 4s -
    • Strictly enforced rules
    • Players with considerable formal training/experience
    • Players can pass, set and hit consistently
    • Teams that have participated in organized volleyball
  • Men's/Women's/Coed 2s - 
    • strictly enforced rules
    • players can pass, set and hit consistently
    • AA=the highest level of league play available
    • A/B=lower level of 2s league play, however players have a considerable amount of experience


How many players can be on my roster?

  • Men’s/Women’s 2s - max 3
  • Coed 2s - max 4
  • Coed 4s - max 7
  • Coed 6s - max 10


Do they all really need AVP America memberships?

  • Yes! It’s our insurance, so they really do need a membership. 
  • Membership is $20/365 days.
  • The site will not allow you to be added to a roster if your membership expires prior to the end of the league. 
  • Time is added to the end of your membership so you won't be losing time you already paid for. 


      I am the team captain. How do I submit my roster?

      • Go to www.avpamerica.com and log in
      • Click Schedule → Leagues
      • Find the correct league
      • Add your team and then your players
      • Memberships must be current through the end of the season for the name to appear in the search. If it expires prior to August 24th, it needs to be renewed. 


      When is my roster due?

      • June 1
      • Your team will not be placed on the schedule or receive t-shirts until a complete roster is submitted.
      • Changes to the roster can be made until June 15th.


      When will we get our tshirts?

      • Shirts will be available ASAP. 
      • Sizes (S/M/L/XL) are first come, first serve.


      I changed my mind. Can I have a refund? 

      • Refund requests made 30 days or more prior to the scheduled start date are subject to a 10% processing fee.
      • Refund requests made within 30 days of the start date can not be accommodated


      League Nights

      Do I have to bring a ball?

      • Yes! GAV does not provide game balls or balls to warm up with.
      • We suggest the Wilson AVP Game Volleyball which you can find online!


      What if it’s raining?

      • A little rain can’t hurt! #youwontmelt
      • We will only cancel if there is a big threat of thunder/lightning in the area during game time.
      • Please do not call, email, or message regarding the status of leagues.
      • We will only notify you in the event a league night is canceled. Assume it is on unless you hear otherwise!
      • Cancellation decisions will be posted/emailed two hours prior to the start of an event.
      • Leagues start at 6:15pm, so cancellations are posted at 4:15pm.
      • Text BRADLEY2021 to 84483 for Bradley Beach weather related text alerts.
      • Text POINT2021 to 84483 for Point Pleasant weather related text alerts.
      • We try to play rain or shine because we do not have any make up dates available.


        Can I bring my drinks on the beach?

        • Point Pleasant - Jenk's Inlet Bar is just steps away from the courts! Please refer to their signage for the most up to date info. Outside alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not allowed. 
        • Bradley Beach - Bradley Beach does not allow alcohol on their beaches.



        When will the schedule be posted?

        • Your pool assignment will be posted no later than 4pm the day of your league.
        • Check in at the GAV tent to find out exactly where to go!


        What is the format?

        • Pools will be posted online prior to the start of the night.
        • Teams play against the teams in their pool and take turns reffing.
        • Follow the schedule on the pool sheet. 
        • Play through the schedule one time.
        • Write the wins/losses and games scores on the pool sheet.
        • A representative from each team must sign the pool sheet at the end of the night verifying all records.
        • Results/standings will be posted online.


        What if a team is late?

        • If the late team is supposed to be playing, please switch the games around so play can start ASAP with the teams that are present. 
        • If the team is supposed to be reffing, start playing without them and note it on the pool sheet that they missed all or part of their ref assignment. Missed ref assignments result in one additional loss per game missed. 


          What if a team leaves before the schedule is played through?

          • Note this on the pool sheet. They will receive losses for any missed games.
          • Missed ref assignments result in two additional losses added to the record unless teams agree to not have a ref.


          I already played the teams in my pool. Can you change the schedule?

          • We do our best to create pools including teams you haven’t seen yet this year.
          • Sometimes you will play a team two or more times throughout the season.
          • You may not play every team in the league.
          • The schedule will not be changed based on the number of times you have played a team.


          What if my team’s record is wrong online?

          • Your online record will be only changed to reflect exactly what the pool sheet says at the end of the night. Pool sheets will not be changed after the conclusion of the night.
          • Make sure you check and sign the pool sheet before you leave!


          What if my team can’t make it?

          • Please email info@greatamericanvolleyball.com prior to 3pm the day of the league.
          • No shows without notice prior to 3pm will be given losses for the number of games they were supposed to play that night.


          How many teams make playoffs?

          • The top 8 teams will make playoffs.


          Can we still play the last night if we don’t make playoffs?

          • Yes! The nets will be up and you can play against any of the other teams that come.


          My team is next in the seeding. If a team can’t make playoffs, can my team fill in?

          • No. The missing team receives a loss and the other team advances in the bracket. 



          Doubles Leagues FAQ

          Can we sub throughout the night?

          • No. The same two people must play for the entire night. You cannot sub players during games OR in between games.


          Does each player have to sign in?

          • Yes! Each player must sign in so we can track who is eligible for playoffs.
          • Players need to play on a team 3 or more nights to qualify for playoffs.
          • Subs need an AVP membership to play for even one night. This will be checked at sign in.


          What if my team can't make it?

          • Please email info@greatamericanvolleyball.com by 3pm to get a bye - preferably earlier if possible!
          • Your team can have TWO bye weeks. 
          • You will receive losses if you do not show up or notify after 3pm. 
          • You will receive losses for any weeks you cannot field a team after you use your two bye weeks. 


                How many times does a person have to play to qualify for playoffs?

                • 3 or more nights on the same team


                Can a coed team play in the men’s/women’s league? What about two women playing in the men’s league?

                • No.


                What rules should we use?

                • In general, follow the GAV 2s tournament rules.
                • Rule disputes can be brought to the league director. The league director can answer questions about the rules, but ultimately it is up to the ref’s discretion to make a call.
                • Please be respectful of the ref’s decision.


                Coed 4s/6s FAQ

                What happens if my team doesn’t have all its players?

                • You can still play without a full team!
                • Coed 4s -
                  • There must be at least 1 male and 1 female on the court at all times. You may not field a men’s or women’s team in this league.
                • Coed 6s -
                  • If you have 6 players, you must have at least 2 females and 2 males.
                  • If you have 5 or fewer players, you must have at least 1 female and 1 male.


                What rules should we use?

                • In general, follow 6s rules.
                • Rule disputes can be brought to the league director. The league director can answer questions about the rules, but ultimately it is up to the ref’s discretion to make a call.
                • Please be respectful of the ref’s decision.



                I want to play in GAV tournaments on the weekend. Do I get a discount?

                • League players receive a $20/team discount. 
                • Please pay AT THE TENT and not online.  
                • If you or your partner pays online, the discount cannot be refunded online or in cash. 
                • The discount cannot be combined with any other discounts (staff, coed, juniors, etc.)
                • Available for B divisions only. Available for tournaments occurring after the league start date.


                        I want to play on the weekend, but 2s isn't really my thing. Can I still play? 

                        • Yes! We will be hosting at least one 6s tournament and one 4s tournament this summer! Watch our AVP America schedule for more details!