Monday Coed 6s


50% OFF Coed 6s: July 17 -Point Pleasant, NJ 

50% OFF Coed 4s: August 14 - Brigantine, NJ

50% OFF Coed 6s: August 28 - Point Pleasant, NJ

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Point Pleasant League Info - visit this page for times, dates, etc.

League Frequently Asked Questions - visit this page for format, rules, etc.

  • You need to bring a ball. GAV does not provide game balls.
  • Arrive at 6:00pm to start playing at 6:15pm.
  • Check in at the table for your court assignment.
  • Games need to be over by 8pm.
  • No alcohol on the beach. Teams found with alcohol resulting in an issue with Jenkinson's or the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach will be banned from participating with no refund. 
  • Weather cancellation texts will be sent 2 hours before start time. Text POINT2022 to 84483 to sign up for alerts. Do it now so you don't miss the text the first time it storms!
  • 6 players=min 2 females/2 males --- 5 or few players=min 1 female/1 male
  • Check the pool sheet for wins/losses before you leave each night. Standings will be updated to reflect exactly what is on the pool sheet and will not be changed.



    Week 1 6/6/22 36 Teams 9 nets
    Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
    Ace Holes & Onion Rings 2-1 Ballsmackers 3-0 Big Bumps 3-0 Brian’s Bee Allergies 2-1
    Amendment 21 1-2 Beach Ballers 1-2 Boozy Ballers 1-2 Copper Bottomed Crows 0-3
    Average Joes 0-3 Beacon Ball Busters 2-1 Brew-tang Clan 2-1 Dream Team 1-2
    Spiked Seltzers 3-0 Suns of Beaches 1-2 Spiked Punch 0-3 Volley Llamas 3-0
    Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H
    How I Set Your Mother 0-3 Kiss My Ace 0-3 Nice Set of Bumps 0-3 Sandy Balls 1-2
    Hula Berries 1-2 Monday Nite Spikes 2-1 Overserved 2-1 Set It & Forget It 3-0
    It’s a Hard Block Life 2-1 Monday Service 1-2 Ruwal 1-3 Sets on the Beach 1-2
    Thiccc Kings 3-0 Those Guys 3-0 Tinger Fips 3-0 Volley Brawlers 1-2
    Pool I Pool L
    Setting Ducks 2-1
    Singles 1-2
    Spike Tysons 0-3
    Win or Lose We Booze 3-0



    Week 2 6/13/22 36 Teams 12 nets
    Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
    Ace Holes & Onion Rings Amendment 21 Average Joes Ballsmackers
    How I Set Your Mother Hula Berries It’s a Hard Block Life Kiss My Ace
    Setting Ducks Singles Spike Tysons Spiked Seltzers
    Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H
    Beach Ballers Beacon Ball Busters Big Bumps Boozy Ballers
    Monday Night Spikes Monday Service Nice Set of Bumps Overserved
    Spiked Punch Tinger Fips Volley Llamas Thiccc Kings
    Pool I Pool J Pool K Pool L
    Brew-tang Clan Brian’s Bee Allergies Copper Bottomed Crows Dream Team
    Ruwal Sandy Balls Sets on the Beach Set It & Forget It
    Those Guys Suns of Beaches  Win or Lose We Booze Volley Brawlers


    Week 3 6/20/22 36 Teams 12 nets
    Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
    Win or Lose We Booze Thiccc Kings Volley Llamas Spiked Punch
    Volley Brawlers Those Guys Brew-tang Clan Amendment 21
    Tinger Fips Brian’s Bee Allergy Hula Berries Kiss My Ace
    Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H
    Suns of Beaches Spiked Seltzers Spike Tysons Singles
    Ace Holes & Onion Rings Ruwal Ballsmackers Dream Team
    Boozy Ballers Copper Bottomed Crows Overserved Average Joes
    Pool I Pool J Pool K Pool L
    Setting Ducks Sets on the Beach Big Bumps It’s a Hard Block Life
    Beach Ballers Beacon Ball Busters Sandy Balls Nice Set of Bumps
    Monday Service Monday Night Spikes How I Set Your Mother  Set It & Forget It 


    Week 4 6/27/22 36 Teams 12 nets
    Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
    Those Guys Monday Service Volley Brawlers Singles
    Win or Lose We Booze Average Joes Brian’s Bee Allergies Ballsmackers
    Dream Team How I Met Your Mother Ace Holes & Onion Rings It’s a Hard Block Life
    Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H
    Overserved Ruwal Spiked Seltzers Sandy Balls
    Amendment 21 Beach Ballers Boozy Ballers Kiss My Ace
    Suns of Beaches Thiccc Kings Tinger Fips Beacon Ball Busters
    Pool I Pool J Pool K Pool L
    Big Bumps Volley Llamas Spiked Punch Brew-tang Clan
    Copper Bottomed Crows Monday Night Spikes Hula Berries Nice Set of Bumps
    Spike Tysons Setting Ducks Set It & Forget It Sets on the Beach


    No League Monday 7/4!



    • Top 8 teams after Week 9 will advance to playoffs.
    • Playoff match starts at 6:15 sharp. You will forfeit your match if you are unable to field a team by this time.
    • 1 Game to 21. 
    • There will be no refs for playoffs, so #justbecool and be a good sport.
    • Some nets will be available for teams that want to play pick up. Just come and choose a net to play on. 


    Standings will be posted here soon!