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#justbecool so we can play all season long!

2022 Schedule


Registration Questions

Is the price per player or per team?

  • Per team! Please do not double pay.
  • A double payment will be refunded with a 10% processing fee, so please communicate with your partner about who will register/pay.


I want to pay cash at the beach. How do I do that? Does it cost more?

  • Just close the payment page and do not enter your credit card info. 
  • Your entry will still appear on the Current Entries list. 
  • The fee is based on when you REGISTER, not when you pay, so there is no penalty for paying cash at the beach.


Do I really need an AVP membership to play just this one tournament? What is going on with the new membership tiers? I can't figure out how to renew. My password won't work! 

  • Yes, everyone who participates must be an AVP member regardless of how many times you plan to play.
  • SILVER membership or higher is required to participate in tournaments.
  • Renewals default to GOLD. If you would like a different membership tier, contact 
  • If you use the forgot password link, take your new password to first and change the password there. Then it will work on 
  • Email for all membership related issues. We do not have access to your membership account, payment or password.


Why can't I find my partner's name when I search? 

  • Your partner needs to renew their AVP membership before they will appear in the search.  See above for renewal info.


I don't have a partner. Do you have anyone interested? Can I show up without a partner and expect to play?

  • Join the Great American Volleyball Player Forum on Facebook and post to search for a partner. 
  • We do not typically have single players waiting to play the day of the tournament. 
  • We strongly recommend securing a partner before driving to the beach.


When does registration close?

  • Online registration closes at 3pm on Fridays.
  • You can walk on to a tournament if you arrive before check in closes.
  • Email if you decide to play after check in closes. 


How much is it to play?

  • All fees are per team.
  • All entry fees are listed below, unless otherwise specified on the specific event information page.
  • Early Bird (through Tuesday before the event)
    • Open - $80
    • All other divisions - $75
  • Pre Registered (Wednesday through Friday before the event at 3pm)
    • Open - $85
    • All other divisions - $80
  • Walk On (at the event, if there is space and you are on time)
    • Open - $90
    • All other divisions - $85
  • Juniors divisions are $55/team if registered online and $65/team if you email your registration or walk on. 


Do you take credit cards? Venmo?

  • Online credit card payments must be submitted prior to 3pm the Friday before the tournament. 
  • Cash or check only at the beach. 
  • Checks payable to Great American Volleyball.
  • No Venmo.


What do I get for my entry fee?

  • Great competition with players from all over the region!
  • Event shirt (sizes S/M/L/XL first come, first serve)
  • Chance to win awesome prizes from GAV and our sponsors



Registration Changes/Cancellations

Can you change my division? Can you refund the extra payment I made when I changed my division? Can you honor my Early Bird registration even though I deleted it to change my division?

  • Email if you want us to change your division. 
  • If you accidentally double pay, your refund is subject to a 10% processing fee.
  • We'd prefer you email us to change your division so that you can keep your Early Bird status. 


Can you change my partner for me?

  • No. Log in to your AVP account and scroll down to your current events. You can edit or delete an entry there.
  • This must be done by 3pm the Friday before the event.
  • If you are already logged in, scroll to the bottom and hit Player Login. It will bring you to your profile.


I registered, but now I can’t play. What should I do?

  • Email prior to 8am the day of the tournament.
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee.
  • If you do not notify on time and by email, you will be charged the walk on fee at your next tournament.
  • If you do not notify on time and by email, you will forfeit any entry fees paid for that event.
  • Texting a friend/staff member, sending a Facebook message and calling the GAV phone are NOT acceptable ways to notify us that you are not coming.


I deleted my registration, but I did not receive my refund.

  • Your deletion does not automatically trigger a refund, nor does it notify us that we need to issue a refund. 
  • If you paid online, we prefer for you to email us at instead of deleting your entry because it's easier to find your payment if your original entry is still listed. 
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee.



It might rain. Will we still play? When will you cancel the event? Can you give me some inside information on what you might decide to do? What if I don’t want to play in this weather?

  • Weather is part of the game. #youwontmelt
  • You can assume the plan is to hold the event until you see otherwise.
  • The weather forecast changes often, so we will not post a cancellation until 2 hours prior to the start of an event.
  • We will email the current entries, along with post on Facebook and Instagram (@greatamericanvolleyball), if we decide to cancel.
  • If the event starts in less than 2 hours and you have not seen a weather related update, you can assume the tournament is on.
  • We will not respond to phone calls, texts, emails or Facebook messages about weather.
  • If you choose not to play, the above player cancellation policies are in effect: you must email by 8am if you do not plan to play to avoid paying the walk on fee at the next event. All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee.
  • If we do cancel prior to the start of an event, all prepaid entry fees will be refunded.
  • If we are forced by the beach patrol to cancel an event after play has already started, entry fees will be forfeited.


Tournament Day

Do I have to pay to get on the beach? What about parking?

  • There is a fee for beach access at most of our tournament locations and it is NOT included in your tournament entry fee.
  • Depending on how far you’re willing to walk, you can park for free at most locations. Paid parking is available closer to the tournaments.
  • Factor the potential walk time into your travel time, so you are not late to check in.


What time is check in? What if I’m late? Can I still play?

  • Saturday: 8:00-8:30am.
  • Sunday: 8:30-9:00am.
  • Late arrivals cannot be accommodated. 
  • Both players must sign in together to receive shirts.
  • You will not be put on a pool sheet unless both players are there and checked in on time. 


What ball do we have to use? Can I get the new ball at the tournament? 

  • You are welcome to use ANY Wilson ball. 
  • If your net can't agree on which ball to use, default to the Optx ball. #justbecool
  • We will not have balls available as prizes, so don't count on getting one through GAV. 




My player profile says DNMP, but I took 3rd. Can you fix this? 

  • Results are not posted until at least the Wednesday after the event. 
  • You can tell if the results have been posted by clicking on the name of the tournament from your profile page. If the results page is blank, you'll know that the results have not been updated yet. If you see other teams with playoff finishes, but yours is incorrect, please contact us at Otherwise, wait until you see all finishes updated. 


When will you post that photo you took of me and my partner?

  • Winner Wednesday!
  • If it is past Wednesday and your photo has not been posted, there is a good chance they got lost in the shuffle so feel free to email


I used to have 213 points, but now I only have 187! What happened to my points? 

  • Ranking points are fluid throughout the season because they go by your best four finishes in the last 365 days. 
  • As time passes, tournaments drop out of the equation so your points may go down if one of your best finishes is outside of 365 days. 
  • On your profile, look for the 4 highest point values in the "player points" column. 
    • The points listed are scaled based on the number of teams in your division that day. 
    • The last column indicates which 4 finishes are used toward your rankings.
  • Check the AVP America Rankings page for the most up to date info on the scale used and on how rankings are calculated.