Tournament Info/FAQ



#justbecool so we can play all season long!
The full schedule can now be found HERE or on 


Registration Questions

Is the price per player or per team?

  • Per team! Please do not double pay.
  • Talk to your partner about who will register to avoid this.
  • If you happen to double pay, please log in to your Volleyball Life account or click the link in your confirmation email to manage your refund. The refund window is open until 6pm the Friday before the event. After that, no refunds will be given. 
  • Credit card/platform fees are non refundable. 


Is payment due at the time of registration? Can I register without paying?

  • We have moved to requiring payment at the time of registration. 
  • Your registration will not be saved if you do not submit a payment. 


What is the GAV membership? Do I need one?  

  • A GAV membership is required to play. 
  • You can register for the full season membership ($25) prior to registering for your first event OR you will be charged a single-day membership fee ($15) at check out. 
  • Highly recommend doing this early! Play 2x and it will pay for itself! 
  • Membership Details


    Why do I already have a profile on Volleyball Life? What if I have two profiles?  

    • Volleyball Life uploaded GAV event data from the past 5 years, so you will have a player profile and history already! 
    • Search your name before registering for your membership so you don’t have to start from scratch. 
    • If you do end up with two profiles, please email us at so we can merge them. 


    I don't have a partner. Do you have anyone interested? Can I show up without a partner and expect to play?

    • Join the Great American Volleyball Player Forum on Facebook and post to search for a partner. 
    • We do not typically have single players waiting to play the day of the tournament. 
    • We strongly recommend securing a partner before driving to the beach.


    When does registration close?

    • Online registration closes at 6pm on Fridays.
    • You can walk on to a tournament if you arrive before check in closes.
    • Email if you decide to play after check in closes so we know to expect you. You will need a credit card to pay at the beach. 


    How much is it to play?

    • All fees are per team.
    • All entry fees are listed below, unless otherwise specified on the specific event information page.
    • Credit card/platform fees will be added to the entry fees listed below.
    • Early Bird (through Tuesday before the event)
      • Open - $80
      • All other adult divisions - $75
      • Juniors - $60
    • Pre Registered (Wednesday through Friday before the event at 3pm)
      • Open - $85
      • All other adult divisions - $80
      • Juniors - $65
    • Walk On (at the event, if there is space and you are on time)
      • Open - $90
      • All other adult divisions - $85
      • Juniors - $70


    Do you take cash? credit cards? Venmo?

    • Online credit card payments must be submitted prior to 6pm the Friday before the tournament. Your registration will not go through without a payment.
    •  If you are a walk on, you will need a credit card to pay at the beach. 
    • No Venmo. No cash. 


    What do I get for my entry fee?

    • Great competition with players from all over the region!
    • Event shirt (sizes S/M/L/XL first come, first serve)
    • Chance to win awesome prizes from GAV and our sponsors



    Registration Changes/Cancellations

    Can you change my division? Can you refund the extra payment I made when I changed my division? Can you honor my Early Bird registration even though I deleted it to change my division?

    • Your entire registration can be managed by clicking the link in your confirmation email or by logging into your Volleyball Life account. 
    • Players are now able to change partners and change divisions from their account. 
    • Volleyball Life has some videos on how to manage your registration. 


    I registered, but now I can’t play. What should I do?

    • Your entire registration can be managed by clicking the link in your confirmation email or by logging into your Volleyball Life account. 
    • Players are now able to change partners and change divisions from their account. 
    • Credit card/platform fees are non refundable. 
    • No refunds after 6pm the Friday before the event. 
    • If you miss the refund window, please let us know that you’re not coming by emailing by 8am so we are not waiting for you on the beach. 



    It might rain. Will we still play? When will you cancel the event? Can you give me some inside information on what you might decide to do? What if I don’t want to play in this weather?

    • Weather is part of the game. #youwontmelt
    • You can assume the plan is to hold the event until you see otherwise.
    • The weather forecast changes often, so we will not post a cancellation until 2 hours prior to the start of an event.
    • We will email the current entries, along with post on Facebook and Instagram (@greatamericanvolleyball), if we decide to cancel.
    • If the event starts in less than 2 hours and you have not seen a weather related update, you can assume the tournament is on.
    • We will not respond to phone calls, texts, emails or Facebook messages about weather.
    • If you choose not to play, the above player cancellation policies are in effect: you can manage your own refund up until 6pm the Friday before the event. No refunds after Friday at 6pm if we hold the event and you do not show up. 
    • If we do cancel prior to the start of an event, all entry fees will be refunded in full.
    • If we are forced by the beach patrol to cancel an event after play has already started, entry fees will be forfeited.


    Tournament Day

    Do I have to pay to get on the beach? What about parking?

    • There is a fee for beach access at most of our tournament locations and it is NOT included in your tournament entry fee.
    • Depending on how far you’re willing to walk, you can park for free at most locations. Paid parking is available closer to the tournaments.
    • Factor the potential walk time into your travel time, so you are not late to check in.


    What time is check in? What if I’m late? Can I still play?

    • Saturday: 8:00-8:30am.
    • Sunday: 8:30-9:00am.
    • Late arrivals cannot be accommodated. 
    • Both players must sign in together to receive shirts.
    • You will not be put on a pool sheet unless both players are there and checked in on time. 


    What ball do we have to use? Can I get a ball at the tournament? 

    • You are welcome to use ANY ball. 
    • If your net can't agree on which ball to use, do rock paper scissors and then  #justbecool
    • Don't count on getting one through GAV. 


    What will Volleyball Life be used for? 

    • In addition to membership and registration, Volleyball Life will give players access to their pool sheet, schedule, bracket and the ability to live score while reffing. 


    Will I still get a paper pool sheet? Bracket? 

    • In short, no. 
    • We are excited to roll out digital tournament management for the 2023 season! 
    • Volleyball Life will be the place to find your pool sheet, schedule, pool results and brackets. This will streamline the entire process! 


    What are the rules? What is the format? 




    When will you post that photo you took of me and my partner?

    • Winner Wednesday!
    • If it is past Wednesday and your photo has not been posted, there is a good chance they got lost in the shuffle so feel free to email


    Why do I have 0 points?

    • Volleyball Life uploaded all GAV results from the past 5 years, so if you played in the last 365 days, you should start the season with ranking points. 
    • If you have zero ranking points, but played in a GAV event in the last 365 days, please email BEFORE THE DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT. We cannot do anything about this the day of the event. 


    I used to have 213 points, but now I only have 187! What happened to my points? 

    • Ranking points are fluid throughout the season because they go by your best four finishes in the last 365 days. 
    • As time passes, tournaments drop out of the equation so your points may go down if one of your best finishes is outside of 365 days. 
    • You can find which tournaments are being used in the calculation on your Volleyball Life profile. The events in bold are being used to calculate your current ranking points.
    • More details on Ranking Points




      Which age group should I sign up for?

      •  18U: Athletes born on or after 9/1/2004 OR on or after 9/1/2003 and be a high school student during the current academic year
      • 16U: Athletes born on or after 9/1/2006
      • 14U: Athletes born on or after 9/1/2008
      • 12U: Athletes born on or after 9/1/2010