Tuesday Coed 4s


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  • You need to bring a ball. GAV does not provide game balls.
  • Arrive at 6:00pm to start playing at 6:15pm.
  • Check in at the table for your court assignment.
  • Games need to be over by 8pm.
  • No alcohol on the beach. Teams found with alcohol resulting in an issue with Jenkinson's or the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach will be banned from participating with no refund. 
  • Weather cancellation texts will be sent 2 hours before start time. Text POINT2021 to 84483 to sign up for alerts.



    Week 2 6/15/21 11 teams 4 nets
    Pool A Pool B Pool C (2 nets)
    BDE Mclovin It Rough Sets Stars & Spikes
    Dig Deep Please Dink Responsibly Safe Sets Tips & Giggles
    How I Set Your Mother Relatively Okay Spiked Punch


    Week 3 6/22/21 11 teams 4 nets
    Pool A Pool B Pool C (2 nets)
    Relatively Okay Please Dink Responsibly Mclovin It Spiked Punch
    How I Set Your Mother Rough Sets Safe Sets Stars & Spikes
    Tips & Giggles Dig Deep BDE