Tuesday Men's/Women's 2s


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  • You need to bring a ball. GAV does not provide game balls.
  • Arrive at 6:00pm to start playing at 6:15pm.
  • Check in with the League Director for your court assignment.
  • Games need to be over by 8pm. 
  • Weather cancellation texts will be sent 2 hours before start time. Text BRADLEY2021 to 84483 to sign up for alerts.
  • You get two bye weeks.
    • If you are not coming, please email info@greatamericanvolleyball.com no later than 3pm.
    • Notification received after 3pm will result in losses being recorded for your team.
    • You will receive losses for any weeks you cannot field a team after you use your two bye weeks.



Week 2 6/15/21 Bye: Alexis
MAA - 7 teams MA - 7 teams WAA/A - 7 teams
Pool A  Pool A Pool A
Dad Bod Flow Bros Brooke
I Guess Namaste J Crew Beach Life
M Sand Sharks Block Party
Pool B - 2 nets Pool B - 2 nets Pool B
RoGo Sandstorm Clever Beaches
Team Dan & Mike South Paws Something Dirty
Da Boyz We Got Big Digs Jackie
Shore Thing Brent



Week 3


Bye: Dad Bod;

Something Dirty

MAA - 7 teams MA - 7 teams WAA/A - 7 teams
Pool A  Pool A Pool A
Da Boys C League Pioneers Alexis
I Guess Namaste Flow Bros Beach Life
RoGo Sand Sharks Clever Beaches
Pool B Pool B - 2 nets Pool B
M J Crew Honey Stingers
Team Dan & Mike Sandstorm Pass It Aggressive
Shore Thing We Got Big Digs
Block Party
South Paws